Coalition of the Willing


COTW is a coordinated effort of willing ministries who share strategic data on Christian and church presence with the purpose of planting a church in every people and every place.  If you want to explore working together to plant a church in every place, please fill out the interest form and someone from the Coalition will be in touch.

We are interested in answering two big questions:

  • Where is the church?
  • Where is the church not at yet?

As we share data with one another at various levels (country, state, district, block, village etc), the gaps become easier to see.  We can begin to see the places where the church has not yet been planted and give priority attention to those locations. 

Our Story:

Every person, every place

The sun is rising again on an old idea, giving it fresh life and fresh energy.  Though completion is still decades off we are glimpsing the first rays shinning on the day when the body of Christ can stand and say “Yes, we have worked together to get the gospel to every person and every place.”  We believe we are seeing the first light of a new dawn in the Kingdom: Intentional and strategic data collaboration to get a church in every place and among every people  


In 2019, leaders of various church planting ministries began informal conversations that led to them to discover there was no broadly shared village-level data related to disciple making and church presence.  Without village level data it would be impossible to know if the gospel had made it to every person in every place.  Those early conversations would eventually lead to the formation of COTW.

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