Become a Member

A COTW Member is a partner who agrees to collaborate with other COTW members in the geographies in which they work for the purpose of seeing baptized believers and at least one church in every settlement/village in those geographies. 

There are two types of members, each with slightly different requirements:

Global Member

working at a Country, Regional or Global level

Local Member

working at a Local, District, County, Block or State level

What are the Criteria and Requirements for Membership?

  • Members agree to the COTW statement of faith.
  • Members must be doing evangelism, discipleship, and church planting and have boots on-the-ground workers doing these activities.
  • Members are willing to share current data, specifically locations where there are believers and/or churches.
  • Members must agree to only add other members through the COTW membership criteria.
  • All members must answer the vetting questions.
  • Global Members must be recommended by two COTW board members and be approved unanimously by the COTW board.
  • Local Members must be recommended by two other members and approved by the COTW stakeholder for that country.  The COTW country spearheader must notify the board so a detailed list of partners can be maintained for accountability.
  • All members must commit to uploading data on churches that have been planted at a minimum of every 6 months.
  • Global Members pay USD $5,000 annually in membership dues, to be used for ongoing development of data-sharing technology.
  • Local Members have no annual membership dues.

Benefits of Membership

Members gain the ability to work collaboratively with vetted, trusted partners to see disciples made and churches planted.  

Global Members can recommend potential Global and Local members for entrance to COTW.  Local Members can recommend potential Local members for entrance into COTW.

Global Members are invited to attend 2 annual COTW meetings.

Members gain access to viewing and printing COTW data in the places they are actively collaborating or spearheading.  This access is delivered through a secure web-based application.  When data is exported or printed, all Christian terms are removed in order to increase security. 

Are YOU ready to join COTW?